our motto:

  • Define
  • Identify
  • Improve
  • Deploy


As part of an organisation’s data governance strategy, our consultants work with businesses to:

  • Define and catalogue data models that set the parameters for ongoing data management
  • Identify roles and responsibilities to ensure data stewards are accountable
  • Improve processes and procedures allowing a business to establish control over change, quality, security and compliance
  • Design and implement a pragmatic data lifecycle that aligns with business goals
  • And deploy tools and techniques to increase accuracy, accessibility, consistency and completeness of data
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At the core of our business is the Open Source Metadata Registry Framework.
Based on the principles in the international metadata registry standard (ISO11179),
It provides services for data mapping, data exchange, and automatic software generation.

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Our background has been in information systems consultancy in the healthcare domain as well as in finance, government and defence domains; although the principles of sound data management through the use of metadata are applicable in most large enterprises.

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Data Quality assurance is one of the key tasks in making data interoperable, and data interoperability leads to good data usage. We believe that the key to good data usage is good data quality and that the key to data quality is in the metadata.

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We use metadata and model driven engineering principles to create and manage datasets, we can help you in this process.