The Metadata Exchange

  • Map.
  • Organise.
  • Govern.


The Metadata Exchange is a framework of tools for Data Quality Management.
We offer a number of plugins, toolkits and libraries to monitor data quality across your organization:

Model Catalogue

Core catalogue of dataset specifications for a domain or organization. It is a collaborative platform online, for the development of data specifications, and ongoing curation and maintenance of documention.

XSD Generator

A plugin allowing users to generate XML schemas from their dataset specifications to validate XML data. Also offers the ability to customize XSDs using XSLT.

Forms Generator

A plugin allowing users to generate html 5 and other standard clinical forms from the specifications in the catalogue.

Validation Service

Service to validate and assess quality data in SQL DBs or CSVs or XML.

Document Generator

Generate Documentation as Microsoft Word or Excel Files.


We also offer bespoke services and customizable plugins based on your organisation's specific requirements.