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Key benefits

  • Create a single source of truth by mapping data definitions
  • Protect your data assets by identifying them and assigning rules and permissions
  • Integrate into other systems with consumable APIs and flexible plug-in architecture for integration into other systems
  • Ensure data capture adheres to standards with automatically generated forms
  • Create usable output with XML, CSV, Word exports
  • All held on our secure cloud based server

Case Study: Streamlining Genetic Research with Metadata Management

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Streamlining Genetic Research with Metadata Management

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Make it easy to find your data, wherever it is and in whatever format. Data projects become quicker to complete, consultants do better work, and new systems become cheaper to build and cheaper to integrate.

Organisational Interoperability

What is a customer? What is a sale? When your teams use different definitions for the same concepts, visibility across the organisation is difficult and a 360° view impossible. Migrate to common data standards to enable all teams to speak in the same language.

Data Governance

Sensitive data is an asset but comes with responsibility. It needs to be classified and protected, so that the risk of leakage outside of the organisation is minimal. Any regulation that involves managing data responsibly requires tools and strategies for Data Governance.